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  • The connections and infrastructures, the housing stock and the offer of services together with an unbeatable climate make the region an ideal place for remote work

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to our lives, it has forced us to put aside certain deeply rooted customs and to incorporate new habits. But it has also accelerated trends that for some time were trying to gain a foothold in our society and that are much more common in other neighboring countries, such as teleworking.

    In today's context, working from the living room or home studio has endless benefits. The most obvious are the saving of time and money in the transfer by public or private transport to the office and not being exposed to the risks of contagion of the virus that exist both in the means of transport and in closed shared spaces.

    The new 'Telecommuting Law' (Ley de Teletrabajo) that has just come into force gives even more push to this upward trend, so it is no coincidence that there is a movement in search of larger and more comfortable homes on the outskirts of large cities.

    Of course, when we telecommute, what better way to do it than from a place that not only provides us with comfort from a housing point of view, but also in terms of the scenery, weather and services that the location offers. The Costa del Sol is one of those perfect destinations for remote work that many foreigners had already begun to discover and that are now also beginning to demand Spanish professionals.

    Good connections and infrastructure
    Remote working is not synonymous with immobility nor does it exclude that, on occasions, it is necessary to return to the office or travel for unavoidable meetings with clients, suppliers or other important appointments. In this sense, the number of routes and connections that Malaga airport, capital of the Costa del Sol, offers with the rest of Spain and other regions of Europe, greatly facilitates the task of transferring, as well as being able to be in Madrid in two and a half hours by high-speed train.
    As an added value, all the municipalities on the Costa del Sol have the enormous appeal of the quality of life they offer. No densely packed cities with large crowds of people. A great selection of properties for sale and rent, modern infrastructure a wide range of leisure activities, private and public schools and much, much more.

    Sun and beach all year
    If there is something that distinguishes the Costa del Sol, it is its claim to sun and beach during almost the entire year, with mild temperatures even in the coldest times of winter. It is not a minor fact for those who seek to get out of the big cities and find natural and pleasant environments in which to enjoy hours of free time and leisure. Nor is the possibility of having a home office with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

    More or less by force, employers and employees have had to get used to virtual meetings in these long months of the pandemic, combining personal and professional life in the same spaces, preparing proposals or answering calls from the garden or terrace, to change the forms or channels of accountability and also, and not least, to save on labour costs. In other words, companies and workers have lost their fear of remote work and are able to appreciate its many advantages.

    Teleworking is a reality that is here to stay even when we manage to leave the days of the virus behind. Many of the second home owners on the Costa del Sol have already opted to extend their stay beyond the holiday periods and work from the flat or house on the beach. And many others who seek to leave the big cities also discover or will discover in one of the dozen towns in the area, the perfect destination to telecommute with all the guarantees and comforts.

    Andrew Bellés