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  • Housing prices continue to rise in Andalusia, with increases of more than 7%

    The province of Córdoba leads the pack, closely followed by Almería and Málaga registering increases of over 10% and Cádiz continues to be the most expensive Andalusian provincial capital.

    The province of Córdoba, which saw an annual increase of 12.3%, has led the increase in house prices in Andalusia in the last twelve months, one of the five Spanish communities that has registered the greatest dynamism during the third quarter of 2023, according to a report recently published by the appraisal company TINSA and although the cities of Almería and Málaga have registered year-on-year increases of over 10%, Cádiz continues as the most expensive Andalusian capital. Here you can expected an average of 2,331 euros per square meter, the most you will pay in any provincial capital in Andalusia. Although, it should be noted, it is still below the average of 2,684 euros per square metre that you will find in Marbella.

    The year-on-year growth in the average value of residential property in Andalusian continues to register positive figures. An increase of 7.3% compared to 2022 registered demonstrates this.

    Córdoba is followed by the provinces of Almería, with a housing price increase of 9.6%; Malaga, with 8.5%; and Cádiz, with 7%. Seville and Jaén, saw increases of 6.5% and 6.4%, respectively. And at the lower end of the ranking, Huelva, saw prices increase by 4.1%, and Granada, with the lowest annual increases still grew by 2.7%.

    Regarding the provincial capitals, the Tinsa report highlights the dynamism of the cities of Almería and Málaga with increases compared to last year of over 10% and an average price per square meter of 1,487 and 2,214 euros, respectively. Although practically all the Andalusian capitals have registered positive interannual variations in a range that oscillates between 4.5% and 12.8%, three of them (Almería, Málaga and Córdoba) are among those in Spain where the most housing has become more expensive in the last twelve months.

    It has been precisely in the city of Almería where prices have increased this year in relation to the rest of the capitals. In it the increase has been 12.8%, followed by Malaga, where the percentage has been estimated at 10.5%. Less than two points behind the latter, Córdoba, where housing prices have increased by 8.7% this year and the square meter costs 1,612 euros, and just over three, Cádiz, where the increase has been of 7% and with 2,331 euros per square meter it is once again the most expensive Andalusian capital.

    With increases ranging from 5.5% and 5.4% in Seville and Huelva, and 5% and 4.5% in Granada and Jaén, buyers in these Andalusian provincial capitals have also seen prices vary. rising during the last twelve months and they had to pay more to purchase a home this year than in the same period last year.

    Outside the capitals, housing prices in municipalities such as Marbella, on the Costa del Sol in Malaga, have seen a significant increase of 8% this year. In this town, the square meter has reached 2,684 euros, values much higher than those of the provincial capital itself.